Solar Space Robot

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Age: Age 8+

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Solar Space Robot the child learns how to use solar energy to power a robot. He learns how to create arm motion in a robot. He learns basic electric circuit assembly and model assembly.

Solar panel is a device which can convert sunlight to electricity. The key components are layers of semi conductors to form a solar cell. When light falls on specific arrangement of semi conducting material,some photons of sunlight will kick electrons to flow and form currents.
Then electricity is created. This way light energy is converted to electrical energy.

• Make your own space robot which runs on solar energy
• A perfect toy to play with under sunlight
• Learn robotic arm workout

  • Packaging form factor : Box

  • Length (in cm) : 7

  • Height (in cm) : 25

  • Width (in cm) : 20

  • Tax Description: Electronic

Solar Power Concepts

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