Soccer Fever

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Soccer Fever is a popular sport played worldwide. In this game the goal keeper has an exceptional role of blocking the opponents from scoring a goal. Amazing Soccer Fever is the scientific game that is challenged against the goal keeper. Soccer Fever helps the development of coordination and control skills with the fundamentals of science.

Challenge yourself to see how many scores you can make and understand the simple but ingenious design that transform the rotatory motion to an opposite pair of left and right motion.

• Develop co-ordination and control skills

Comment by prachi

this is a very nice game

Comment by prachi

this is a very nice game it was a very puzzling game it is nice to me i am 10yrs old my big cousins play my father plays everyone

  • Packaging form factor : Box

  • Length (in cm) : 6

  • Height (in cm) : 6

  • Width (in cm) : 3

  • Tax Description: Electronic

Science Learning Toy

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