Root power

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Root Power without plants, the Earth would not be the same place as we see it today. Plants are living organisms that are very special and unique. Plants also need nutrients to help them grow better. They usually absorb certain minerals like nitrogen, calcium, magnesium and potassium from the soil using their roots.

These minerals are usually found in garden soil or you can buy special fertilizers that can help plants grow better.
It is a box kit which helps the child grow a plant and study its roots, how they anchor themselves in soil/aquatic environments. They can observe the developments of the plant root closely.

• A plant growing kit for studying development of roots containing observation tools and materials for growing both land and aquatic plants
• Experiment 1 : To study the roots of the watercress plant
• Experiment 2 : To see if different soil types affect the growth watercress

Comment by Jaya

Before one gets to learn about plants it is very important to know about roots and how it functions, this kit helped me a lot.

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