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Robot contains materials to build a solar powered robot which has both hand motions and wheel travel powered by solar cell/generator. It teaches the child basic electric circuit assembly and mechanics of the robot. “You’ll be amazed” to find what you can learn because after you have correctly assembled the collection you will master the basic knowledge of modern mechanic and electronic.

The series is an exciting learning experience, and is smartly designed that it is easy to build-it-yourself. Most importantly, the main concept of this collection series is environmental protection. Children will be amazed to use the solar power or handle generator to operate the product. series is targeted at encouraging children to learn how to protect and look after the environment. Therefore, children can discover and play in an eco-friendly way.

• Make your own solar powered robot and learn fundamentals of solar and mechano-electric energy
• Learn fundamentals of solar and mechano electric energy
• Understand electro mechanical system in robotics
• Learn how solar energy is converted to electricity using the solar panel

Comment by Gargi

My son could not stop talking abut robots so when we got him this toy he was more than overjoyed.

Comment by Nikita Dhamija

Forget the Ranjnikanth movie, THIS is the real robot. The solar power concept and the colour choice is brilliant!

  • Packaging form factor : Box

  • Length (in cm) : 6.5

  • Height (in cm) : 31.5

  • Width (in cm) : 25.5

  • Tax Description: Non Electronic

Solar Energy Science Projects

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