Mech science

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Mech science contains experiments that shows the kids how forces interact with each other. How forces are related to torque and what happens in the state of equillibrium and the concepts of net force and net torque. It also depicts practically how machines like mechanical cranes, pullies work on simple principles.

The world around us is full of machines. Machines are mechanical devices that are used to act on a load. In this Mech Science Discovery Tank, you can explore the uses of different types of levers and pully systems.

• Learn about extendable zig zag gripper, Retractable robotic arm and pulleys
• Understand the concepts of net force and net torque
• Explore the uses of different types of levers and pully systems

Comment by Tanaz Irani

Right from the packaging to the content, this product really brings the perfect learning tool to the table.

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