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The Magnets teaches the child a pratical way about properties of permanent magnets and their interaction with other magnetic materials. The child also learns about magnetic fileds.

Magnets are made from materials found under the earth's surface that contain nickel, cobalt or iron if these material come in close contact with a magnetic field, the particals of the material line up in staright rows.
Once these particals have lined up, the metal turns in to a magnet. Helps the child learn principles of working of a magnet, what is the meaning of magnetic poles and why are they important for magnetic attractive and repulsive forces.

• Discover the secret of floating objects in thin air with the help of this super magnetic kit!!

  • Packaging form factor : Box

  • Length (in cm) : 5

  • Height (in cm) : 11.5

  • Width (in cm) : 12.5

  • Tax Description: Non Electronic

Magnetic Experiments