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The next time your teacher asks you about the concept of rotary motion, you can respond immediately with the Aim and Shoot educational toy. Turn on the excitement while aiming at a basket with the catapult while playing assembling. You can even make your own catapult with this kit.

Learn basic science with this DIY kit recommended for classes III and above

  • Concepts of motion transformation using simple machines.

  • Understand gear - shaft – lever systems.

  • View related videos for enhanced learning experience.

  • Refer the manual for complete guidance on connections.

  • Answer some tricky questions about catapult.

  • Engage in other Do-It-Yourself activities like making a latex ball and a catapult.

Comment by Neha

My son was not able to understand the science concept so quickly. However after buying the educational product from ikenstore, now he is very good in science.

Comment by Sanjeev

I know that homework can get boring but with this toy my 10 year old son doesn't even realise he is learning!

Comment by khushi

My daughter has started loving sceince all the more with this unique learning system...this toy is great as the child can learn alot while they play with it...

  • Packaging form factor : Box

  • Length (in cm) : 14

  • Height (in cm) : 7

  • Width (in cm) : 14

  • Tax Description: Electronic

Science Experimental Kit

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