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The Role Of Brand iKen
Brand iKen seeks to address the questions of students and prepare them not by the 'rote learning' method but through experiential learning techniques. We understand that in order to impart education which is successful, it is imperative to make learning exciting. With a strong focus on research and development of ‘edutainment’ products, we have launched over 200 products in this space under the aegis of brand ‘iKen’ and have worked upon creating a steady pipeline for more innovative products in this segment.

The Current Sector Overview
The education sector, though still in its very nascent stages assures tremendous prospects. If a solid plan is in place, it could provide a means to a sustainable growth story for teachers, parents and most importantly, students. 
It is estimated that approximately 10 cr students in 90,000 private schools spend close to Rs. 50,000 cr annually on educational products and services other than school fee. So as is evident, the sector has a lot of scope to grow by leaps and bounds in the years to come.

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We welcome future edu-preneurs to become a part of our burgeoning educational enterprise. We offer profitable franchise opportunities for many of our properties. Become a part of the iKen network to truly realize and reap trememdous benefits from this ever growing sector. 

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