Epitome of Resources

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Who better to learn about this fascinating planet Earth of ours, than from a real life Geologist! Meet Mr. Venkatesh Rao, resident geologist of the Iken Science Series, whose explorative instincts and clumsy mannerisms makes for some fun reading.

His tendency to topple over things ensures that he discovers something new… even if he wasn’t really looking for it!... Haha! Learn about important natural resources like air and water and discover facts about biogeochemical cycles! Enrich your mind with several interesting facts about forests and wild life, coal and petroleum and learn about their conservation… all by reading this quirky yet informative comic book!

This book consist of 102 pages.

• The Air Shield
• The Dual Resources: Soil and Water
• The Earth and its Cycles
• Men and his Green Sxploitation
• How to Capture the Elusive Water!
• The Ancient Giants: Coal and Petroleum
• A Happy Environment, A Happy World

Comment by Sita

An interesting rendition on air pollution and natural resources.

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Resources of Earth

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