Electro Magnetism Pro 6

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Electro Magnetism Pro 6 is a comprehensive beginners kit for experiments in electromagnetism and basic electrical circuits. The kit contains materials for 22 experiments and 6 models which resemble real life applications. Electromagnetism is an interface between electricity and magnetism. It shows how magnetic effect is created in a region of electric field and vice-versa. This kit aims at the same concept.

It help you get familiar with the concepts of electricity and magnetism individually and will then introduce you to the relation between both. It will train you from the basics to the advanced level. It will let you experiment with combination of batteries in series as well as in parallel. It will show you the difference between the two connections.

• There are 6 models and 22 experiments which will help your child understand the concepts of electricity and magnetism and explore its real life applications
• Learn basic electric circuits, magnetism and relation between them
• Build six different models with 22 different experiments
• Understand concepts behind Traffic Light,Crocodile, Morse code, Electric Train, Electromagnetic Crane, Sea Gull Park
• Answer some tricky questions

Comment by Nilima

The book and the models both are so nicely designed to explain the concept of electricity and magnetism and their inter-relation in form of electro magnetism.

My child is very excited to build the models and experiment with them.

Thanks for such a nice product for our next gen.

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