Audio-Visual Learning Experience.

Iken DVDs cover most of the curriculum subjects into Interactive learning DVDs, which puts almost any difficult subject in an interesting story-telling format.

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Expert Talk

Watch Mr.Ranjit Jain (Expert education analyst) talk on Integrated learning and Iken Products.

Parents Talk

"For the first time in years, I could see both my boys enthusiastic about learning. They learn something new every opportunity that they get. Iken's approach is so child-friendly that children develop an instant liking to it." Mrs. Karnik, Pune (Mother of two boys, Rohan, 11 years old and Rajeev, 13 years old)

"I have always believed in letting my child be. Even as Aditi grew up, I never forced her to study as the school curriculum tends to drain a child's imagination. I'm so glad to have come across something that will educate my child without boring her. This is where she can truly learn by herself and yet gain all the knowledge she needs." Mrs. Dhavan, New Delhi (Mother of 12 year old Aditi)

"Jay was slotted a "weak" student at his school. His teachers and tutors often complained that he lacked concentration. But I knew in my heart that all he needed was the right kind of motivation. And he got exactly that with Iken Zing." Mrs. Doshi (Mother of 12 year old Jay)