Division and fraction level 2

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Learn the fundamental concepts of Division and solve the mysteries of the dividends, divisors, quotients and remainders. Fractions are everywhere, from the price tags to the exam scores to one's body weight. Hence, it becomes imperative to know what they mean and how they are represented.

Learn all about understanding and working with fractions with this unique workbook.
Bring home this distinctive series and let your children garner essential mathematical skills early in life!

This book consist of 60 pages.

• Division of 2 and 3 digit numbers
• Understanding factors and multiples
• To apply the rules of division
• Understanding division facts
• Finding the dividends, given the quotient
• Solving scenario based problems
• Understanding fractions
• Identifying Like and Unlike fractions
• Identifying Equivalent fractions

Comment by Chalni

learn the concepts of division, remainders, divisors, quotient and more

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