Colour blasts

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Colour blasts what a dull place the world would be without colours. In this kit you will learn that 'white light' is really made up of many brilliant colours and you will also find out how to combine and split colours.

Kit contains experiments which improve the understanding of light for the student by showing its constituents through the prism.
Newton's disk will give them a real proof of how white light is made up of different colours. These experiments are very engaging and give a magical experience to learning science of light.

• An interactive learning kit that contains experiments which explain different properties of light such as dispertion, and also shows how two or more colours mix to form a new colour

Comment by Pragya

This kit makes it easy to understand primary and secondary colours through the easy to use colour spectrum

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  • Length (in cm) : 5

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  • Width (in cm) : 11.5

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Science Dispersion Project

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