Class 9 English grammar DVD

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Age: Age 10 to 15

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iKen Library English Grammar DVD is a PC-based learning system that does away with the conventional teacher-student environment and encourages self-learning in children through active digital engagement! All topics are compiled into fascinating digital representations like films, animations, slide-shows, glossaries and mind-maps so entire process of studying is more effective and engaging.

This Class 9 English grammar educational DVD is a result of the insight that children learn best when learning is not forced! Refer Learning Objectives section to get details of All Topics covered by this DVD.

iKen Library DVD  – What’s inside?

• Mapped to NCERT guidelines (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB and State Boards)
• Chapter-wise short films/concept clips/interactive concept animations
• Slide show Presentations in order to give an overview of key points of the chapter
• Ready to Use Lesson Plan to guide you and cover your syllabus
• Revision through mind-maps, assessment tests as per difficulty level/skill
• Huge questions repository to revise and assess your learning
• In built apps like Browser, Calendar, Search, Gadgets, Lesson Plans, and Test etc.

Note: Compatible with 32 and 64 Bit Windows platform only

• Types of Phrases
• Possessives
• Types of Prepositions
• Conjunctions
• Subject - Verb Concord
• Phrasal verbs
• Active Voice and Passive Voice
• Substitution of Parts of Speech
• Nouns
• Pronouns
• Adjectives
• Finite Verbs and Non-finites Verbs
• Direct and Indirect Objects
• Direct and Indirect Speech
• Similes
• Word Formation
• Comprehension
• Letter Writing
• Report Writing
• Phrases and clauses
• Subject and Predicate
• Kinds of Transformation of Sentences
• Transformation of Kinds of Sentences
• Types of Clauses
• Transitive and Intransitive Verbs
• Adverbs
• Number
• Gender
• Articles
• Prepositions
• Relation of Prepositions with Adverbs and Conjunctions
• Types of Questions
• Verbs
• Determiners
• Tenses
• Synthesis
• Idioms and Proverbs
• Understanding Spelling
• Story Writing
• Precis Writing
• Diary Entry
• Kinds of Sentences
• Construction of Sentences
• Synonyms and Antonyms
• Homophones
• Compositon: Essay Writing
• Note Making
• Advertisements
• Paragraph Writing
• Summarizing
• Figures of Speech

Class 9 English grammar DVD