Zing Learning system-Starter pack

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iKen Zing Learning System is an educational toy and it compromises a host of engaging things for children.iken Zing series are interactive touch-read books that make stories come alive and prove ideal for bedtime story telling and for early development like learning Numbers, Alphabets, Seasons, Vehicles, colors, shapes etc. Scroll or touch on the text and the images of the book pages with the help of a pen-shaped audio-tool as it 'talks' and emits relevant sounds! 
Benefits :-
* Delightful educational treat for kids 
* Develops early reading and diction skills 
* Improves phonetics and diction 
* Offers option to hear story in Hindi too 
* Over 30+ titles to choose from 

This Zing Starter pack consist of: 1 Zing Reader which is a multilingual touch-read pen and 5 Zing books namely : Stairway to Heaven, The Night Safari, Rain Ride, Little Kirrit Learns to Float and Zing with Alphabet.


Zing Reader functions with more titles of Iken Zing Books. It’s a onetime purchase and can be made compatible with more titles of Zing books that you wish to buy.

You can choose from our list of more than 30 titles of Iken Zing Books individually too.

Children can learn with interactive games and storybooks.

Storybooks can make learning easier for children.

Note: Recommended for use with the iKen Zing Reader pen.

• Character recognition: A character like beetle emerges out of Zing Book
• Improving phonetics: Musical nodes emerge out of Zing Book
• Early reading habit: Words emerge out Zing book
• Children can learn with interactive games and storybooks
• Storybooks can make learning easier for children

Comment by Rimmy

I Was really excited when I saw iken Zing type product, so I brought one for my child.
Am very happy as my child is enjoying his early learning in fun manner which is turning effective as well.

Comment by Tibbie

There is a critical shortage of inofrmtaive articles like this.

Comment by Elizabeth

My nephew picked up alphabets quick and easy with the Iken Zing with Alphabets book that allowed him to learn alphabets and recognize the sounds they make.

Comment by Amit Shaikh

Iken Zing is a Enjoyable Learning System Created for your Child first time in India by Mexus Education . Which will help your children to grasp their early educational concepts in easy and fun loving way. So why to wait , Just book one for your child and make their early education an enjoyable ride.

  • Packaging form factor : Box

  • What's inside the box : 1 Zing Reader, 1 USB Cable, 5 Zing books (compatible with Zing Reader), 1 Earpiece and 1 Zing Manager

  • Length (in cm) : 29.6517

  • Height (in cm) : 29.6326

  • Width (in cm) : 7.6259

  • Tax Description: Non Taxable

  • Warranty : 1 Year

Zing Learning system-Starter pack

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