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Comic books are children’s best friends but did you ever imagine explaining them various concepts in a graphical story? Now it’s no more fictional! Iken books capture the attention of children and enhance their inquisitiveness by explaining concepts in comic story format.

Collect the entire range of Iken Books and let your children explore everything that the world encompasses. Subject covered: Amber storybooks, Science and Social Studies.

Reading Delights with Iken Books

• Complicated and voluminous topics simplified with graphical story.
• Visual summary of chapters to engage the reader.
• Interactive and puzzle-based questions enhance children’s inquisitiveness.
• Options for subjective revision.
• Answer key to puzzle-based questions.
• Rise in interest levels of students.
• Self-study method encouraged rather than rote learning.
• Young minds can grasp various concepts quickly and effortlessly.

    64 Results      

    64 Results