Today there exist a healthy competition between the synchronous and the asynchronous mode of learning system. The former one is the conventional one in which we have brick and mortar class room with an evident teaching learning process where as the latter deals with electronic mode of teaching learning process where a virtual class room is created with provisions for interaction with the help of communication and information technology.

 Also the emergence of  Video learning enabled the learning system with more amount of innovation and creativity which a normal teaching learning process can hardly think about. For the Video learning sessions, one can opt for online or offline modes. Many numbers of courses are conducted in both the modes in different areas ranging from primary school education to management education.

 Whatever may be the mode of learning, there should some kind of enablers which should support the learning system. In Video learning system, the most essential component is the learning DVDs. This DVDs can be uploaded with the content of the programme and even at later stages; the learners can access these DVDs for their subsequent clarifications of the subjects or the content.

In very many number f areas we can observe the implication of  learning DVDs  like education programme, cookery shows, yoga and meditation courses and even some advanced programme for interactive entertainment modules. One should extremely careful while designing the content. Also the focus of the learning system through these kinds of technologies must be towards the effectiveness of the learning system followed by the efforts to full fill the user’s needs.

 The content management for these kinds of learning modules should be executed in such a way that the simplicity and clarity are to be maintained as much as possible. This would keep the user of these DVDs highly interested with better involvement and understanding. As far as entertainment learning DVD s are concerned like animated stories and games, the content should be well enough to enhance the intelligent quotient and emotional quotient of the users. In the case of learning DVDs which contain stories for the kids, must embedded with the clear message.

 To conclude, to develop value in any form of education, there must be extra ordinary efforts to be taken to inculcate the quality and focus on the output in each kind of module for learning.