Kids at the age of 2-3 years are always unpredictable.  And it’s in this age, they understand about themselves in a better way. Whatever we teach them, they would remember throughout their life. It is this age at which the parents should mould them with food hobbies and habits, good behaviour and also with good values.

Let us see some of the parenting Tips by which we can frame the minds of kids belonging to this age group. The first tip is to be a role model for the kids. The parent being the benchmarking model for the kids, in every aspect they need to be extra cautious. The parents should be calm in any situation whenever a kid is behaving indifferently. There should not any form of nagging, yelling or lecturing.

The next tip is to clear the curiosity of the kids. For answering them, the parent should do it in a short, sweet and direct way. The parents need to raise a kid with big and kind heart by teaching them how to become empathetic to others.

 The parenting Tips also insist on keeping the kid active and creative. This quality would definitely help them to become more vigilant and which is very much required in this competitive world. The next important duty of a parent is to make the kids to get along with his friends. This ultimately will develop them as a good team player in the future.

 Another important responsibility of a parent is to create a Learning environment for the kids. And for this, we need to make the kid aware about the importance of reading and listening and they must be inculcated with these hobbies.

Obviously the food habits will make the kids healthier along with healthy sleeping habit. Discipline is another important aspect to be a cultured citizen in the future and for this, the parent should make their kids to stick on to the rules and routines and along with an element of freedom.

Once the Learning environment is created along with the awareness of all the above mentioned aspects, obviously the kids would develop their own character with high levels of intelligent quotient, emotional quotient and societal quotient so that they become self sustained and confident.

 To a make a kid with good character and good habits, the parents should be playing the vital role and there by making them as responsible citizens in the future.