Nowadays, technology has become an inevitable part of learning. Whether synchronous or asynchronous mode, the technological implications in learning has become so dominant because of the amazing pace at which the technology is developing in different sectors. Today’s generation experiences the technological benefits through a media driven environment. Whether audio, video or a combination of both, it requires an interface which is provided by the technology.

 Let us now examine one of the dominant methodologies widely used in learning, based on technology which is none other than the Learning DVDs. We may wonder how the video modules become so popular in learning. The substantiating answers are, some people would learn better from watching and listening than reading. And the Video learning offers an alternative to the formal book based learning which is quite more interesting and innovative.

 The Learning DVDs are of variety of types. It can be of a module, based on which a particular course have been taught. Even we can see the influence of Animated DVDs which are focused on fold stories and through which some social messages are passed to the users. The learning should be started right from the childhood. Even as a kid, we are learning and nowadays a plenty of DVDs for Kids are available in the market, which serve different purposes. Whether its an educational video, an informative video or even an entertainment video, the focus of the video learning should be on the positive aspect which should add value to the kids.

 For example, National Geographic Channel has got a variety of DVDs for Kids which are able to provide excellent information about various aspects like animals and nature, exploration and adventure, history and events, space etc. These DVDs are much informative and it can be used even by the adults to equip with better awareness about all the areas.

 Selection of the DVDs can be made based on the need of the learner or the user as well as the scope of learning. The content matters a lot and the choice of these kind of video learning alternative have become so important now a days. The learning never ends till the end of one’s life and one should understand that whatever things he/she learns should be utilised for value addition for themselves and also to the society by applying the learning that they made for the welfare of the mankind.