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Acid & base chemicals can be acidic, neutral or basic depending on how many hydrogen ions they have, hydrogen ions are really just protons, a small particle that has a positive charge. Scientist can find out whether a chemical is acidic, neutral or basic by testing its pH test.

Kids Learn basic concepts of Acids and Bases and how they are classified on base of pH. Also he learns how they can be differentiated by use of commonly available materials like Vinegar, baking soda and detergent.

• Learn the most important concept of Acids and Bases, how they are differentiated on basis of different pH levels
• Use pH solution as well as commonly available compounds for this purpose

Comment by Jayesh

This chemistry set is very useful to help children understand the science behind acids and bases, I bought it for my niece and she has been glued to it ever since.

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Acids & Bases

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